When are the services of a case manager needed?

A. There are numerous circumstances in which case management services are needed, including:

  • When an individual is living with a chronic condition that severely affects their functional ability
  • When an individual has suffered a catastrophic injury (brain injury, spinal cord injury, or neurological condition) as a result of a motor vehicle accident or work related accident
  • When an individual is no longer able to live independently due to the effects of injury, illness, or aging
  • When there is a noted lack of progress in an individual’s recovery from an injury, condition, or diagnosis
  • When a physician recommends a surgical procedure, and the individual is unclear as to whether this is the best course of action for them
  • When an individual is discharged from the hospital without a clearly defined rehabilitation plan
  • When multiple health care providers are involved in an individual’s treatment resulting in lack of coordination in care and communication
  • When an individual is taking numerous medications prescribed by different physicians and there is concern regarding overlapping side effects

Case management services are not limited to the above circumstances. Please contact us to confirm whether we can be of service to you and your particular situation.

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