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Medical and Vocational Case Management Services Since 1991

It can happen to anyone…

A catastrophic accident on the road or at work.
A chronic, disabling disease.
The growing needs of an elderly parent or spouse.

Suddenly you are in the midst of a confusing maze of options,
uncertain which way to turn.

Our dedicated medical case managers specialize in the rehabilitation of life-changing injuries and chronic medical conditions. They will develop and manage a comprehensive rehabilitation plan designed especially for your situation. Plus, they will coordinate and monitor all services provided to make sure they are working effectively and appropriately.

A medical case manager from MANAGED REHAB has the knowledge, experience, and dedication to help you or your loved one live as independently and productively as possible, no matter what life brings your way.

Managed Rehabilitation Consultants Medical and Vocational Case

Medical and Vocational
Case Management Services

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Toll Free: 877.614.6410
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MANAGED REHAB is committed to comprehensive, client-centered, compassionate case management for people of all ages.