Frequently Asked MRCI Questions

A. The Case Management Society of America (CMSA) defines case management as a “collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation and advocacy for options and services to meet an individual’s health needs through communication and available resources to promote quality cost-effective outcomes.”

A case manager determines whether treatment plans are being implemented appropriately and interacts on your behalf with health care providers and the insurance company. Our case manager efficiently manages your care to facilitate an optimal outcome.

A. Case management services save time, money, and effort, while helping you obtain the best possible services for your specific condition. Case management helps you gain access to the most appropriate and qualified medical providers in a timely fashion. Case management contains costs by implementing the most appropriate course of action to expedite the rehabilitation process. Our case managers work for you, so that you can focus on your rehabilitation and recovery.

A. There are numerous circumstances in which case management services are needed, including:

  • When an individual is living with a chronic condition that severely affects their functional ability
  • When an individual has suffered a catastrophic injury (brain injury, spinal cord injury, or neurological condition) as a result of a motor vehicle accident or work related accident
  • When an individual is no longer able to live independently due to the effects of injury, illness, or aging
  • When there is a noted lack of progress in an individual’s recovery from an injury, condition, or diagnosis
  • When a physician recommends a surgical procedure, and the individual is unclear as to whether this is the best course of action for them
  • When an individual is discharged from the hospital without a clearly defined rehabilitation plan
  • When multiple health care providers are involved in an individual’s treatment resulting in lack of coordination in care and communication
  • When an individual is taking numerous medications prescribed by different physicians and there is concern regarding overlapping side effects

Case management services are not limited to the above circumstances. Please contact us to confirm whether we can be of service to you and your particular situation.

A. Caring for elderly loved ones can be overwhelming. Our elder case manager evaluates your loved one’s health as well as their financial and community situation, and will help you make the best decision regarding their future living arrangements. If it is determined that your loved one is no longer able to live independently, our elder case manager can recommend alternatives. Our elders case managers can arrange home health care services, provide recommendations for assisted living or nursing homes based upon established medical criteria. Our elder case manager can coordinate the services your loved one receives based on their needs and your preferences. When these services are in place, our elder case manager can monitor that they are being implemented properly and efficiently.

A. A medical case manager is a valuable resource for parents facing the challenges of raising a child with a catastrophic injury such as traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury. Our medical case manager will review your child’s medical history, attend medical provider and educational care conferences, and work together with you and your child’s physicians and teachers to insure that appropriate medical and educational services are being implemented. Our staff is knowledgeable regarding the benefits available to your child from the educational system. Our case manager can arrange supplemental educational resources, including tutoring and adaptive equipment, and provide referrals to therapeutic and recreational therapy programs. Our case manager can facilitate appropriate home modifications to enable your child to function safely within their home environment. As your child ages, case management services can facilitate a successful transition into the community.

A. Vocational rehabilitation services assist individuals who have sustained injuries which prevent them from working, either for short periods or on a long term basis. A vocational rehabilitation consultant works with your physician and your employer to determine suitable employment options for you. If you are unable to return to your former position, the vocational rehabilitation consultant assesses your abilities and guides you toward appropriate employment opportunities. The goal of vocational rehabilitation services is to get you back to a productive work environment as soon as possible.

A. Medical Case Management is a benefit of Auto No-Fault insurance in the state of Michigan. Depending on the circumstances, medical case management may be covered by Worker's Compensation Insurance.

Elder Case Services may be covered by Long Term Care insurance policies. We welcome the opportunity to discuss options with you.

A. Case management services may be retained by: the individual themselves, their family, an attorney or guardian, an insurance company, employer, or employer’s representative.

A. MANAGED REHABilitation Consultants, Inc. , is proud of our skilled and experienced professional staff. Our nurse case managers are Registered Nurses who have completed a college nursing program; or have been qualified as a Certified Case Manager (CCM). They have extensive clinical practice experience in fields such as: Inpatient Rehabilitation; Home Health Care; Critical Care; Public Health; Inpatient Pediatrics; Inpatient Medical/Surgical; Inpatient Psychiatric/Substance Abuse.

Our services are evaluated on a case by case basis; we accept cash, check, and major credit cards.
We also work with estate executors.


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