My child sustained a catastrophic injury in a motor vehicle accident and needs special services. How can I make sure he is getting the medical treatment and educational services necessary?

A. A medical case manager is a valuable resource for parents facing the challenges of raising a child with a catastrophic injury such as traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury. Our medical case manager will review your child’s medical history, attend medical provider and educational care conferences, and work together with you and your child’s physicians and teachers to insure that appropriate medical and educational services are being implemented. Our staff is knowledgeable regarding the benefits available to your child from the educational system. Our case manager can arrange supplemental educational resources, including tutoring and adaptive equipment, and provide referrals to therapeutic and recreational therapy programs. Our case manager can facilitate appropriate home modifications to enable your child to function safely within their home environment. As your child ages, case management services can facilitate a successful transition into the community.

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